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Freaky, Funky Keen Yogui Sandals Outlet Are Seriously the Best Campsite Shoes

Yeah, the Keen Yogui sandals look weird. Like a pair of Crocs that got some kind of infection. Swollen, holes in odd places. But, so help us god, we cannot stop wearing these things. They have tremendous arch support, great grippy soles, and plenty of firm cushioning. There isn’t even a close second when it comes to campsite shoes. Hike all day, pull off your steaming trail runners or boots, then slide your dogs into a pair of these bad boys, and you’re in footwear heaven.

They’re also hikeable. Just yesterday I went for what I thought was a neighborhood walk but ended up being a five-mile hike through some forested trails a few blocks away. I didn’t even realize I was wearing slip on sandals until I was halfway through the hike negotiating a slippery rock garden. No problemo.

You can get them in a ton of colors, I have two pairs, one black and one a since discontinued sorta rainbow vibe. They’re THAT good.