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Revitalizing Your Wardrobe With Silk Scarves and Shawls

Although most of us women would dearly love to be able to go through our closets at each change of season and treat ourselves to a whole new collection of fabulous clothes, the reality is that we simply cannot afford it. Indeed, in many cases, when we check out our wardrobes we find items that we have had for years and which we still drag out from time to time. Often, these are things which are still in very serviceable condition, but they are also ones which we have grown tired of over time.

One great way to revitalize a wardrobe which has become rather uninspiring over the years is with silk scarves and shawls. These gorgeous accessories not only represent tremendous value for money, but they also offer the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to transform a huge range of outfits for the cost of one single accessory.

Most women's collections of clothing can be divided up into three distinct categories. There are clothes for work, clothes for everyday wear which are often on the more casual side, and evening clothes which tend to be brought out more rarely and just for those special occasions. No matter which category they fall into, however, they can all be given a complete facelift with a gorgeous handmade silk scarf or shawl.

In terms of work wear, business suits, separates such as skirts, pants and blouses, and plain dresses can all be given an entirely new look simply by tying or draping a scarf of a contrasting or coordinating color around the neck, by using a long scarf as a belt or to create an empire line on a dress. Because the eye is drawn towards the stunning colors and design on the scarf, even though your colleagues may have seen you wearing the basics of the outfit on umpteen occasions, it will still look as though you are sporting something entirely new.

Casual clothing such as skirts, jeans, tee shirts and sweaters are also prime examples of items which can be transformed with a silk scarf or shawl, and in many cases you might even be able to upgrade some of the outfits in this category to smart-casual or even office attire by adding one of these chic, luxury accessories. Even if you just simply tie a silk scarf in your hair and leave the ends to trail down your back or across one shoulder, the effect that you create will be an entirely different one which will give your outfit a whole new lease of life.

Evening clothes, because they are typically quite expensive, are some of those which can benefit most from a facelift. After all, you do not want to be seen wearing the same cocktail dress or gown over and over again. With a stunning, long, hand painted scarf or shawl worn around the shoulders or draped across the arms, however, no-one will even recognize it as the same dress.