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Tactical Gear Is Slowly Turning Israeli

Over the last decade, with the US Army, The British Army and other coalition forces operating in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the style of their tactical gear appears to be converging with that of the Israeli Army. With the Israelis locked in apparently never-ending conflict in the Middle East, their tactical gear has always been built to be optimal for dry, desert conditions and in a high-speed, low drag style. Such high speed gear has characterized Israeli gear for decades with their units favoring smaller, closer fitting modular tactical vests that better suit shorter missions.

It is the type of tactical gear usually associated with SWAT teams. In many ways, Israeli army units operate in much the same way as SWAT units do, operating in urban combat situations within tight spaces. US Army and US Marine units operating in Iraq are also engaged in close-quarter combat where their "door-kickers" need to be operate in tight doorways and to get in and out of Hummer's easily without their equipment being bulky.

The Israeli style of load bearing usually involves a built in modular assault pack that is an integral part of their tactical vests. It usually attaches using a hook & loop and buckle system, such as the M.A.S.S. system. M.A.S.S. (Modular Attachment Suspension System) allows a modular assault or other pack to be removed quickly when carrying a larger backpack or when driving or when engaged in a swat style mission. Many US Forces are also finding the Israeli style lbv to be useful in terms of its ability to be used in conjunction with tactical armor.

Having the right tactical vest or other gear has become so important to troops that they often buy tactical vests from online tactical gear stores in order to provide themselves with the best kit available. Soldiers even buy their own plate carrier as these days, US forces in Afghanistan are maintaining such a high operational tempo that tactical armor is being worn for great lengths of time. While there are other efforts to advance tactical gear in accordance with changing threats and needs such as m.o.l.l.e gear, which allows military and SWAT personnel to change their lbv relative to their particular mission.

What many don't necessarily know is that a m.o.l.l.e vest or plate carrier is generally heavier due to its high concentration of tactical webbing and m.o.l.l.e pouches. Israeli units tend not to use m.o.l.l.e. gear for this reason, preferring minimal, high speed tactical vests instead.