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Wedding DJs - Music On The Dance Floor

Music makes your wedding memorable and enjoyable. It is important that you hire true professionals for your wedding. It depends upon your budget. You have different choices; either you can select a band or a wedding DJ. But wedding DJ is more preferable than musicians as it costs less and moreover it gives you more joy as compare to the wedding band. Once you have decided to select a wedding DJ, now you can tell him your needs and requirements. You can make a list of all the songs you want him to play at your wedding. Of course, make sure to leave much of the music selection to your DJ, as he will have to "read the crowd".

Select the wedding music that is suitable for all age groups. Everybody on your wedding should enjoy. Tell your wedding DJ to mix a variety of popular songs. The older people that have come to attend your wedding should have something to enjoy.

Select a suitable place for your DJ before he arrives. A suitable place where he can easily arrange his equipment is necessary to work freely. The speakers should be placed at a proper place so that its sound should not disturb your guests. The speakers should be away from the tables for your guests and as close to the dance floor as possible.

The music should not be too loud as it may disturb the older and youngest people at your party. The music played should be smooth and soothing to all the guests. A wedding DJ should provide variety in the music so that your guests are interested in the party. Playing of same music again and again will bore your guests.

Tell your DJ to keep a request list with him so that he is able to play the music requested by any guest that will make them get up and start dancing. Children are most exciting at any party. Music for the children should be added in between so that they can enjoy as well.

Wedding music can make your wedding memorable so it is important that it should be such that it is remembered by your guests for a long time to come.